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National standard for bird food packaging

Feed is an item specially produced by humans for the purpose of feeding the animals like birds in captivity more conveniently and faster. It is a nutritious food for animals. In the process of feed transportation and sales, the use of bird food packaging bags is indispensable, and pet food pouches can protect the moisture-proof feed and the feed changes caused by collisions.

Bird Food Packaging

Of course, there are also certain national standards for the production of pet treat packaging, but for human snack food bags, the requirements are not so high. Only the required product information and business information are printed on the bags, and the production date, Business licenses, etc., no other requirements. The bird food packaging bags produced shall be plastic bags that are non-toxic and harmless to livestock and poultry, and must also comply with the relevant regulations of the local authorities.

Bird food packaging bags For packaging plants, the products that need to be printed by pet food pouches plants are in compliance with national standards and have a nationally licensed packaging production license. has been playing in the packaging and printing industry for many years. It has produced fish feed bags, pig feed bags, chicken feed bags, and so on. It has a wealth of experience and selects manufacturers of feed bags. Please choose Hot Pack packaging.

If a product’s packaging bag design can not only meet the quality assurance of the product itself, but also has a novel design concept that can meet the consumer’s aesthetic and can capture the consumer’s psychology, it can increase the consumer’s desire to purchase.

Consumers buy a product with many factors. Some people pay attention to product quality, some people like new products, and some people are new human consumption, but there are also some consumers who have reached the product packaging design itself. Purchase behavior. Therefore, the design of the bag has a great relationship with the sales of the product.