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Why the should we choose the foil lined for cigar pouch?

With the increasing awareness of food safety, the requirements for food safety are getting higher and higher, and safety issues have become the main concern of people. Now let’s take a look at what are the four major concerns when making aluminum foil cigar pouch.

Cigar Pouch

1. The aluminum foil cigar pouch must have a logo when it is produced. The aluminum foil ziplock bags should be inspected in accordance with national standards. Only when it meets the hygiene standards can it be used.
2. Aluminum foil plastic zipper bags are best to protect the transparent colorless, do not use a lot of color to smear, so as not to cause the color of heat decomposition, resulting in harm.
3. to ensure that the aluminum foil zip lock plastic bags factory odor-free, do a good job security inspection.
4, aluminum foil cigar pouch to maintain itself, do not add coating, plating.

As a direct manufacturer of zip lock plastic bags, we have the responsibility to explain specifically what you should pay attention to when buying aluminum foil bags.  It can be divided into industrial grade and food grade. Industry misuse of food aluminum foil bags may not bring any significant losses, but if the food industry misuse the industry’s cigar pouch may have serious consequences, so when you choose the packaging bag must be very carefully .Note that the first step is to explain to the manufacturer that you are using bag industry products or foods, and the manufacturers will help to give best suggestion for you.

Here’s a brief explanation of what to look for when buying plastic zipper bags.  The food industry should purchase food-grade packaging bags and odorless, non-hazardous, non-polluting packaging bags.

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