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How to check if the coffee powder packaging meets the standard?

Nowadays, more and more coffee powder packaging are available, and more and more people are not meeting the standards. Many people cannot distinguish whether they are up to standard, but they are worried about their own safety. The following introduces some inspection methods of stand up coffee powder packaging for everyone.

Coffee Powder Packaging

First, see the ink is toxic or not
The ink selected by the plastic packaging during the printing process will also cause some harm to the environment. Toxic inks change color when exposed to oil. Therefore, it can be smeared with oil at the time of purchase to see if it is safe to print.

Second, look at the bearing capacity of coffee packaging
The state has regulated the weight of plastic bags, and plastic bags must be able to withstand their own weight. The simplest method of detection is to put certain things in and walk around the plastic bags to see how long the bags can last. Bags with insufficient capacity often break during use, so the number of uses will increase and waste will increase.

Third, observe after burning
After the coffee powder packaging is ignited and its fire is extinguished, it is observed to see if there is black smoke, there is no irritating smell, and there is no black matter left. If there is one item that is made of waste, the harm to the human body is very large, and this is usually not in conformity with the standard.

Non-compliance of plastic bags is usually a great harm to the human body, we must understand the method of checking whether the standard is better to protect themselves. If you want to custom coffee bags in a safety way ,welcome to contact Hot Pack sales representative to get the price.