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What is the role of stand up pouch with zipper for dried fruit packaging?

Throughout the world, zipper bags are widely used in the packaging of major industries and have become one of the most popular packaging formats in the world market today. The zipper bags are generally large in size. The materials are made of woven bags, transparent PE or OPP plastic films. The zippers are ordinary plastic zippers and are generally used for dried fruit packaging relatively large goods such as quilt outer packaging, large simple duffel bags and so on.

Dried Fruit Packaging

High-quality dried fruit packaging zipper bags are rolled into bags using advanced casting equipment. The zipper bag has excellent dispersibility and strong coloring power. Antioxidant performance is stronger than normal plastics, no significant difference in seasonal energy, waterproof and breathable. The zipper bag has good toughness, soft and silky texture, and does not burst; the packaging is neat and beautiful. The bag is opened and closed to pick up the pinch-type clavicle, which is easy to operate and can be used repeatedly. It saves time and environmental protection.

In order to reduce costs, many manufacturers use non-ferrous plastic dried fruit packaging bags made of recycled plastics, which may add dyes during production, and some businesses and consumers are not very aware of the dangers. Direct use of colored plastic bags for cooked food, snacks, dried fruit , etc. The foods that can be eaten directly are harmful, and there are two main reasons: Pigments used for dyeing plastic bags have strong permeability and volatility. When oil meets heat, it can easily seep out. If it is an organic dye, it will contain aromatics. Unqualified plastic bags will be thermally decomposed and the damage will be greater.

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