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Brand your beautiful fishing lure packages

Fish products are a major food feature in the sea area and have also produced many specialized users for breeding. Nowadays feeding fish is naturally inseparable from fish feed, and fish feed is inseparable from fish feed bags. So it is important to choose a high quality fishing lure packages,which helps you to enlarge your market and attract the attention of the consumers, arouse their interests, stimulate their desires and finally persuade the consumers to buy the advertised product.

Fishing Lure Packages

The material of the fish lure bag has a lot of selectivity. Ordinary materials such as PET/PE,OPP/CPP or OPP/PE are popular. This kind of fishing lure packages bag is cheap, but it is not very lightproof. Good point of fish feed bags will be aluminum-plated. A layer of aluminum foil is coated between OPP and CPP or PE, which can improve the darkness of the bag. High-grade fish lure bags will use aluminum foil bags, and pure aluminum bags will have a dazzling luster. The best choice is whether it is sealed or dark, but the price will be relatively high, because it A layer of AL is also added in the middle of the aluminum plated bag.

Hot Pack Packaging ,we are one of the fishing lure packaging supplies in China,has been operating in the food plastic flexible packaging industry for many years and has a good experience in the production of fishing bait bags. As long as the design is good, ordinary fish lure bags can also feel high quality. We have our own professional packaging designer who can produce beautiful and suitable fish lure bags for various types of packaging customers. Of course, we can also customize frozen food packaging bags such as dried fish bags, customers who need customization can contact us.