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How to choose food powder packaging bag?

Look at the appearance, if the food powder packaging bag appearance is rough, there are molding defects, color is not correct, there are impurities, the printing quality is poor, it is best not to use. Products with unsatisfactory appearance will affect the visual perception of consumers. At the same time, the appearance is a reflection of the intrinsic quality. Products with unsatisfactory appearance often have poor internal quality, which affects their use. The unsatisfactory quality of the print will affect the appearance, while the color will fade and pollute other items.

Food Powder Packaging

Smell, the main reason for the smell of food powder packaging bag is the use of recycled materials and poor quality additives. The irritating odor emitted by an odoriferous product can harm the body’s respiratory system. It is best not to use it.

Try it out. Some products are very colorful in order to attract the attention of consumers. Dark pigments of poor quality can be extracted during use. These pigments are generally industrial pigments. Consumers can check with their own hands to see if the selected dark color product is qualified: pour a small amount of vinegar on the absorbent cotton ball and wipe it back and forth over the food surface 100 times. If the dyed cotton ball is stained with color, the product is unqualified. In order to prevent the penetration of pigments into food, it is recommended not to use deep-colored plastic products to hold oily liquid foods (except for porcelain tableware).

Don’t just select the cheap food powder packaging bag, we can not simply judge the intrinsic quality of the product from the appearance, some products look very beautiful, but the use of raw materials does not meet the national health standards, the inherent quality of the product is difficult to guarantee, and the intrinsic quality can not be judged by the naked eye. China has included food packaging products in the scope of production license management. It is recommended that consumers purchase products with QS logos from regular shopping malls and supermarkets, and do not purchase products with extremely low prices.

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