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How to judge a good fruit powder packaging bags?

Fruit Powder Packaging are one of the essential packaging methods on the market and have always been the focus of attention because the most contact with food before food comes into people’s hands is the food packaging bag. Its safety and quality will give food products There are many aspects of the impact, both good and bad. Here we mainly explain how to judge whether a food packaging bag is excellent.

Fruit Powder Packaging

1. When we purchase food packaging bags, the first thing we see is the appearance of the bags. The excellent Fruit Powder Packaging must meet the relevant production requirements of the country. Check if the bag outer packaging is printed with “QS” and if the bag printing is Exquisitely, whether or not the product description of the bag is complete is a method that we can quickly determine whether it is a good bag.

2, in the purchase of packaged products, we can start from a simple observation of materials, for the need for vacuum packaging products to observe whether there is a phenomenon of leakage, especially some of the meat products, is after high temperature sterilization and packaging, once Leakage will allow bacteria to run back into the bag. This product is an unqualified product. You can also pick up the packed bag and smell the pungent odor. The bag odor produced by a standard bag manufacturer is controlled at a very low level.

3, there is a package of the appearance of the bag, such as the easy tearing of some bags, self-entry bottom, zipper and edge sealing parts are the direction of inspection of high quality bags. Good packaging bags will be marked with easy-to-remove, easy-to-tear, self-supporting inserts that can stand up, the zipper part will not be uneven, and the seal will be uniform. There will be no closure of 1cm in some places and 0.8cm in some places.

From the above we can see that an excellent food packaging bag requires many aspects to be inspected, and these need to be controlled by packaging manufacturers, and should be good from all aspects of packaging materials, plate making, printing, compounding, and bag making. Every level. can help you with a high quality fruit powder packaging, we are food packaging companies specialized in many different kinds of stand up pouches ,OEM service for any of the size and design with competitive price .