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Stand up pouch for herbs packaging and spices packaging

Product Name:Spices and herbs packaging
Material: OPP/VMPET/PE (customizable)
Uses: Widely used in the packaging of chili powder, pepper powder and other herbs and spices
Core features:

Herbs Packaging

1. Good moisture, light and air barrier properties
2. good heat sealing, long shelf life, sealed firmly.
3.beautifully printed, clear patterns, attract attention.
4.dust-free production environment, 100% non-ketone-free benzene ink production, and improve the quality control system is your authority’s continuous quality assurance.

Printing: Our company uses 8-color high-speed computer printer to ensure the accuracy of color registration
Service: About the shape, thickness dimension and appearance of the herbs foil food foil packaging bags, we can design our products based on our experience to provide you with personalized services.

As we all know, seasoned products in the powder state are more difficult to pack because the powder is too small and it is easy to fall and fall during transportation and sales, and it is particularly afraid of water and susceptible to moisture deterioration. If powder like chili powder spills into the air, it can easily cause eye damage. Therefore, the packaging bag requirements for the condiment powdered product are relatively strict, and the flavored food foil packaging bag fully meets these requirements. This food aluminum foil bag has very good sealing performance, waterproof and moisture proof. Its compressive strength is also very strong and it is very convenient during transportation and storage. And this aluminum foil bag also has a good ability to preserve fragrance, extending the shelf life of condiments. Its packaging bags can also be printed with exquisite designs to increase publicity while also increasing consumer buying desires.

Hot Pack is a packaging factory in China for over 8 years, we can produce many different stand up pouches such as spices stand up pouch packaging and stand up herbs packaging.