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Liquid packaging manufacturer in China

Product Name:liquid packaging

Material: PET/VMPET/NY/PE or PET/NY/PE (customized)

Uses: Widely used in the packaging of juice, beverages, baby food,cosmetic ,soy milk and other products

Core features:

Liquid Packaging

1. Good moisture, light and air barrier properties of the liquid pouch
2. good heat sealing, long shelf life, sealed firmly.
3. beautifully printed, clear patterns, attractive attention.
4. dust-free production environment in Hot Pack factory, 100% non-ketone-free benzene ink production, and improve the quality control system is your authority’s continuous quality assurance.
Printing: The company uses 8-color high-speed computer printer to ensure the accuracy of color registration
Service: The shape, thickness dimension and appearance of the juice aluminum foil packaging bag can be designed based on our experience to provide you with personalized service.

With the arrival of summer, the demand for beverages such as fruit juices has increased. Supermarket stores have a wide variety of juices and it is good for them to drink more juice. It has the effect of appetizing ventilation, relieving summer heat and thirst, especially in the hot summer, drinking a glass of iced fruit juice drink, making people feel refreshed and refreshed. Most of the fruit juices sold in the stores are bottled, and a considerable portion of the drinks are packaged in aluminum foil bags. Two kinds of liquid packaging solutions, each with its own advantages. Using aluminum foil bags to pack drinks saves space and makes transportation and storage easier. And this bag can be made into a relatively small package, which is very suitable for children to carry. Moreover, the composite aluminum foil packaging bag has a very good anti-glossiness, and the product patterns printed on it have a brighter color, and can also be made into a self-supporting aluminum foil packaging bag, which can greatly increase the publicity effect and consumers’ desire to purchase.