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Why your tea loose leaf tea packaging have odor?

The odor of the loose leaf tea packaging we refer to is the taste that we don’t want to smell in tea bags or tea packages. It can be roughly divided into three situations:

1. The smell from opening the organic tea bags.

2. After rushing into the air, the extruded air has a taste.

Loose Leaf Tea Packaging

3. After the tea has been packed for a period of time, there is an odor in the tea.

For odor problems in tea bags, there are three main sources of this odor: first, because the resin itself or all kinds of additives taste; it may be the taste produced by the film during processing, or because the tea bags are processed. At the end of the time, the smell that comes out of it is the taste that may be produced when it is stored.

The taste of tea bags produced during processing is generally due to the residual taste of solvents, inks, adhesives, and the like.

For the taste of the industry when the tea bags are stored, it is necessary to pay attention to the control of temperature and environment during the transportation and storage of the resin.

The smell that can be smelled when opening the tea packaging bag and the problem of deterioration of the tea leaves are generally caused by the taste of the tea packaging bag itself.

For the problem of the odor of the packaging bag material, it is necessary to distinguish the factors such as the place where the packaging bag should be ventilated to exclude other solvent residues, etc., so as to find the reason in the material angle of the packaging bag.

To find out the reason for removing the residual solvent, we used a gas chromatograph for residual solvent detection. When the print residue does not reach a peak, the person’s nose is very difficult to smell, and it can be found that the cause of the odor is not due to the printing compound, which is to find the reason from the packaging material.