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How many packaging shapes for the food packaging bags?

In the customer’s shopping process, whether or not it can attract customers to purchase desire is not only the performance and price of the product, but its style also occupies a very important proportion. In consideration of the cost performance, people often give priority to it. The appearance and packaging shapes. As with other products, the styles are varied and dazzling. There are many packaging shapes on the market for customers to choose.

Packaging shapes

Combining the bag types of some bags, the main packaging shapes that are commonly used in the market today can be divided into:

1.Stand up pouches

2. Zipper aluminum foil bag

3. Packaging bags with spout

4. Three-side sealed aluminum foil bag

5. Middle sealed aluminum foil bag

6. Side seal gusset bags

7. Special-shaped bag

8. Packaging film in roll

After fully considering the practical factors of the aluminum foil bag on the packaging, combined with the specific packaging requirements of the product, a tailor-made aluminum foil bag with a suitable bag shape and a novel aluminum foil bag with a fashionable style are not only visually attractive. Beautiful, in fact, more able to attract the attention of customers and stimulate people’s consumption. So, in the process of choosing the product packaging ideas, we must not overlook the choice of the packaging shapes of bags.

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