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How to design your popcorn packaging?

If the packaging material is the cells of the product packaging, the color application of the packaging design is the soul of the product packaging. Different colors can represent the nature of the product, so in the popcorn packaging design, high-end products need to use the color tone that can reflect the grade of the product according to the nature of the product.

Popcorn Packaging

Such as chocolate, cereals,popcorn and other food packaging design, with yellow, brown, gold, red and other bright rich warm colors, highlighting the delicious taste of the product, the advantages of delicious nutrition. High-grade tea packaging design is suitable for green series, showing the original flavor of tea and the long history of tea culture. The design of cold food and beverage packaging is mainly based on cool colors such as blue and white, giving people a feeling of refreshing thirst and health and hygiene. High-end tobacco and wine packaging design often uses bright colors such as bright yellow, dark red, and purple to highlight product quality; Cosmetics packaging design is often used in pink, white, and green colors; Emphasizes skin care and other effects; Children’s toy packaging design is often contrasted strongly. Cool and warm colors and solid colors to meet the children’s love of nature;

Packaging design is not only a reflection of aesthetics, it is also a comprehensive embodiment of sociology, psychology, marketing, and science. Designers must fully integrate product features, consumer psychology, and packaging materials before doing package design. The only way to improve the packaging design of your product and sublimate your aesthetic tastes is to use the packaging, the meaning of different colors, and the quality of your products. Only in this way can you enable your products to compete successfully in the fierce market economy through exquisite packaging design!

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