Why choose the stand up pouch for protein powder packaging?

The stand up pouch is now the most common type of pouch for food and snack packaging on the market. Because of its self-reliance, it has a better display effect on the shelf. In addition to appearance, most customers are more concerned with the performance of their packaging. Therefore, today, Hot Pack Co., Ltd. shares with everyone, what exactly are the requirements for the customization of the protein powder packaging bags.

Protein Powder Packaging

The external requirement of whey protein packaging is the application of packaging to reflect the characteristics, performance, and image of food. It is the external visualization and expression of food and its means and wrists.

Safety requirements: The safety of the whey protein packaging bag includes hygiene, safety, handling safety, and the use of safety. Hygiene and peace means that food packaging materials should not contain substances that are harmful to the human body; in terms of packaging technology, the nutrients, color and taste of processed foods should be kept as constant as possible. Safe handling refers to the fact that packaging can guarantee the safety in the process of loading and unloading. It should also include the safety of the purchase and purchase when the consumer is shopping. The use of peace is to ensure that consumers do not suffer harm during the opening and eating process.

Promotional requirements: Food packaging is one of the best tools for food promotion. The performance, characteristics, food methods, nutrients, and cultural connotations of food can be advertised on the packaging. The promotion of food packaging includes: necessary information promotion, image promotion, color promotion, and construction promotion.

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