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Aluminum foil material of skin care packaging

Regardless of whether they are beauty-loving or not-loving ladies, I think everyone has bought skin care products. In order to sell her new products, the seller usually buys some cosmetics and will send you some small-packaged samples, that is, small packages of skin care products packed in plastic foil skin care packaging. Today we are talking about trials of skincare foil bags.

In our daily life, the cosmetics industry is more common is the mask foil bags, then these skin care products are generally bottled, and only the sample is packed in a small package.

Skin Care Packaging

The packaging materials used in these bags are aluminum foil, so they are also called aluminum foil bags for skin care products. As to why aluminum foil materials are used, skin care products are in direct contact with the skin, so they are protected from light, anti-oxidation, environmental protection, and hygiene during storage. No pollution. The aluminum foil material just meets these requirements, so cosmetic packaging bags use aluminum foil or aluminized bags.

When consumers choose bags for skin care products, they must check the tightness of the outer packaging, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria.”C-95 seal tester” is designed and manufactured in accordance with the relevant provisions of the GB/T15171-94 test method for the test performance of the flexible package sealing test. It is applicable to the sealing test of flexible packaging in the food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries. The test can effectively compare and evaluate the sealing process and sealing performance of the flexible package, and provide scientific basis for determining the relevant technical requirements. The airtightness test of the membrane bag after the drop and pressure test can also be performed.

Skin care packaging Sealing Tester Principle By vacuuming the vacuum chamber, the mask bag immersed in water generates the pressure difference between the inside and outside, observing the gas escape in the mask bag, to determine the sealing performance of the mask bag, and vacuuming the vacuum chamber. In order to determine the sealing performance of the mask bag, the mask bag generates a pressure difference between the inside and outside, and the expansion of the sample and the recovery of the shape of the sample after releasing the vacuum are observed.

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