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The role of stand up ziplock bags

The food stand up ziplock bags are in direct contact with the food. If the hygiene of the stand up food bags does not meet the requirements, then we are very likely to cause food poisoning when we eat food.

Its most obvious effect: packing pouches protects food. Prevent food from being contaminated by external microorganisms or other substances, and prevent or reduce food oxidation and other reactions. It has an irreplaceable role to play in packaging. It is indispensable to human life, and it also causes direct health of human beings due to substandard packaging. influences.

stand up ziplock bags

Second, food packaging bags also have a description of the role. Bags and labels tell people how the package or food is used, transported, recycled or handled. Is a comprehensive food “manual”.

Again, food packaging bags play a role in advertising and marketing. Businesses often use box labels to encourage potential buyers to purchase goods. The packaging design of food has become a pivotal and constantly changing phenomenon for decades. Marketing communications and graphic design are applied to the packaging box and (for some reason) sales highlights.
In addition to being beautifully designed, stand up ziplock bags must be paid attention to its conformity.

Stand up food bags are easy to use, because the bottom has horizontal support to stand on its own, which has great advantages in improving the product grade and increasing shelf display effect. Therefore, self-supporting zipper bags have become a relatively new modern packing pouches form.

stand up ziplock bags have a wide range of applications, such as the packaging of beverages, the packaging of condiments, the packaging of tea, the packaging of dry goods, and the use of self-supporting bags as a new type of packaging. More than a few food-grade detergents, daily cosmetics, and medical supplies are also widely used.
The composition of the self-standing zipper bag is composed of a variety of substrates, and has a support structure design at the bottom of the zipper bag. It can achieve the effect of self-standing, which is a relatively novel product form for the previous packaging market. In a variety of printing methods, improve the quality of product packaging.