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Stand up zipper pouch material composition

The compounding in the stand up zipper pouch is to bind the films of different properties together in a certain way and seal them to protect the contents. The laminated structure of flexible packaging is classified according to different combinations, and a system cannot be used to describe different structures. However, the structure of conventional flexible standing pouch packaging can often be distinguished by the outer layer, middle layer, adhesive layer, inner layer, and so on. A typical three-layer composite structure.

stand up zipper pouch

1, outer material. It is usually a material with good mechanical strength, heat resistance, good printing properties, and good optical properties. The most commonly used materials are polyester, nylon, stretched polypropylene, and paper.

2, the middle layer material. The interlayer material is generally used to enhance a certain property of the composite structure, such as barrier properties, light-shielding properties, fragrance retention, strength, and the like. The most commonly used materials are aluminum foil, aluminized film, polyester, nylon, vinylidene chloride coated film and other materials.

3, the inner material. The inner layer material is the most critical and the most important function is the sealing property, followed by the pressure resistance, drop, and sealing performance of the package material. The most commonly used are unstretched polypropylene, polyethylene and modified materials.

4, ink layer. The main function of the ink layer is to realize the transmission of graphic and text information and the reproduction of colors, to a certain extent, to achieve the function of promotion, and the selection of the ink must be compatible with the post-processing of the stand up zipper pouch package and the circulation conditions of the product.

5, adhesive layer. The role of the adhesive layer is to bond two or more layers of material together to make it a whole. The adhesion strength between the adhesive layer and the film material is an important index for evaluating the intrinsic properties of the composite film. Different stand up zipper pouch bags packaging requirements will impose different requirements on the properties of the adhesive.