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How many printing method for coconut sugar packaging?

Whenever consumers in the supermarket will see a lot of bright colors, good-looking coconut sugar packaging bags. Some consumers may choose to purchase and use the sugar packaging because it looks good. This also explains the necessity and importance of printing bags in one aspect. So, what are the main types of printing?

Sugar Packaging

First, letterpress printing
Some coconut sugar powder packaging bags look so beautiful because they chose a good printing method. Letterpress printing, using a lead alloy printed version. This kind of printing method is relatively simple to operate, but its activity intensity is particularly large, and the pollution to the surrounding environment is severe. Now the scope and scope of use are gradually shrinking. In further development and innovation.

Second, lithography
Another way to print sugar packaging bags is lithography. This printing method is gradually developed based on the development of modern chemical technology, and the theoretical knowledge adopted is also closely related to chemistry. The printing method using chemical oil and water incompatible principles.

Third, gravure printing
With the development of science and technology, many coconut sugar powder packagingbags are constantly undergoing development and research in the printing process. For gravure printing, it is currently a more advanced sugar packaging bag printing process. The scope of application is also the most extensive.

With the continuous changes in the economic environment, China’s economy has grown from extensive to standardized, and the mode of economic growth is also shifting from the incremental business to the intensive growth. However, downstream users of the packaging industry, such as the food and pharmaceutical industries, have long since been small-scale. Disorder competition has gradually shifted to full competition among large-scale, large-scale enterprises and big brands. However, small packaged self-supporting zipper bags companies will face a very poor living environment, which will eventually be eliminated, and only those companies with certain strengths can rely on the rapid expansion of production capacity, and use more advanced equipment and good management to grow and develop.