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Supplier of Vitamins & Supplement Packaging

Uses: Widely used for packaging of medical drugs such as vitamin packaging and supplement packaging

Material: OPP/VMPET/PE (customizable)

Vitamins & Supplement Packaging

Core features:

1. Good moisture, light and air barrier properties
2. good heat sealing, long shelf life, sealed firmly.
3.beautifully printed, clear patterns, attract attention.
4.dust-free production environment, 100% non-ketone-free benzene ink production, and improve the quality control system is your authority’s continuous quality assurance.

Printing: The company uses 8-color high-speed computer printer to ensure the accuracy of color registration
Service: The shape, thickness, size, and appearance of the medical foil bags used for our medical products can be designed based on our experience to provide you with personalized services.

The temperature difference between the climate changes in the South is relatively large, and small symptoms such as fever and fever are easily present in everyone. In addition, the Vitamins & Supplement is our home-used medical preparation. It is prevent for cold-induced headaches, fever, nasal congestion, runny nose and other symptoms. Accidental cold common drug. Most of the Vitamin Packaging on the outside is the use of paper packaging and aluminum foil packaging bags, and the small packaging inside is basically packaged in medical aluminum foil packaging bags. This medical aluminum foil supplement packaging is very strong and not easily damaged. And waterproof and moisture resistance is very good, with anti-gloss, not afraid of solar sun exposure. At the same time, the production of medical aluminum foil bags for cold insults can be varied, or it can be made into the shape of a self-supporting aluminum foil vitamin packs bag, which is more humane in the process of consumer purchase.

If you want to know more information about the vitamins & supplement packaging,pls feel free to contact us or send email to us ,we will provide the best packaging solution to your vitamins and supplement products.