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Why the price of tobacco pouch are different from different manufacturers?

The packaging and printing industry is considered a mature industry, but this industry can often be overlooked by an industry of tobacco pouches for sale. When customers need tobacco pouch, they will generally find quotation from a number of packaging manufacturers. However, the price reported by various manufacturers is often not In the same way, the customer will have doubts. Why are the prices reported by various packaging manufacturers different when the prices of packaging materials are the same? In fact, this is generally caused by the following three factors.

Tobacco Pouch


First, the tobacco pouch manufacturer’s packaging strength. That is to say, some powerful bags manufacturers have more advanced packaging equipment machines, good machines can reduce production costs, save raw materials for packaging, and there are powerful manufacturers that have their own set of methods in production management. Can minimize the cost of tobacco pouch.

Second, the choice of packaging materials. Isn’t the packaging material the same? Why is it the same as raw materials? This is because the same packaging material that the customer understands is of the same quality and the same price. The same packaging material can be named in the eyes of the packaging bag manufacturer. The quality and price are different.

Third, packaging manufacturers profit margins. Yes, this is a key point. The profits of general packaging manufacturers are between 5% and 15%, and they may also cause the price of newspapers to be high or low.

Therefore, it is not easy to find a packaging bag manufacturer with good quality and low price for bags of tobacco for sale. Each manufacturer has its own advantages and disadvantages. How to choose a good manufacturer on the price quoted by various manufacturers depends on the customer’s own requirements for packaging bags.