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The important role of kraft paper window bags

Since kraft paper window bags are used for packaging, kraft paper window across to width packages must have high-strength compressive properties. At present, many products need to be transported by logistics. However, products will inevitably collide during the transportation process. This requires external packaging materials to perfectly protect the product. Therefore, window in a bag packaging kraft paper should be able to withstand folding, pressure, have a strong toughness and must also have a certain degree of water resistance.

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The quality requirements for packaging kraft paper window bags used in the industrial sector are lower than the requirements for cultural paper used in the printing industry. In addition, there are also many packaging kraft papers used in the food packaging industry. This requires the packaging paper to be sterile, hygienic, and not to react with food when packaged. The cow paperboard is made of wood fiber, and the cow paperboard bags can be recycled into cow paperboard or other paper packaging materials. The environmental standards of cattle paperboard are not only reflected in the environmental protection during production but also reflected in the follow-up The impact of the environment.

1. Kraft paper bags can be reused many times during use, and can be used many times. This can save a lot of costs and save many resources.

2. there is the low cost of kraft paper bags, this kind of kraft paper bag is also the most expensive five yuan or so cheaper, this price can be accepted by many people.

3. Kraft paper bag window across to width wear rate is relatively low, can be stored for a long time, after a long time will not rot, easy to save. And kraft paper bags can be folded at random, which can take up less place.

Kraft bags not only play an important role in shopping, but also contribute to the food industry. Kraft paper bags are widely used by the food industry due to their good oil-repelling properties.