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Cat food packaging and pet food packaging manufacturers

Pets, as human partners, have always played a very important role in people’s lives. Especially dogs and cats, sometimes not only pets, but also members of family members. With the growing number of pets, cat food packaging bags have also developed. There are more customers who customize dog food packaging bags and cat food packaging bags. If you want to make bags that look good and affordable, then Have to find a professional production of pet food packaging manufacturers, then where there is such a manufacturer?

Cat Food Packaging

Since the founding of Hot Pack Packaging, various types of bags have been custom-designed and pet food packaging bags have also been produced. It is a packaging manufacturer with rich experience and solid strength. Pet packaging can be divided into 2 layers of pet food bags, 3 layers of pet food bags, and 4 layers of pet food bags. The materials of 2 layers are generally PP/PE, PE/PE, and PET/ PE, NY/PE, 3 layers are generally PET/NY/PE, PET/MPET/PE, PET/AL/PE, and 4 layers are generally PET/NY/AL/PE, PET/AL/PET/ PE, of course, if customers want to improve the quality of pet bags, PET/NY/AL/RCPP4 high temperature cooking pouches can be selected.

In the production of pet bags, special attention should be paid to the clear confirmation of the printed information. This is very important information. To indicate the list of ingredients and nutrients in the food, as well as the trademark and manufacturer, etc., because, sometimes, the printing standards for pet food are more stringent than human food.

In terms of the design style of the cat food packaging bag, there are a lot of factors in it, such as the design of the main color style. And combined with the product itself to achieve publicity. It is not able to grasp the consumer psychology, allowing consumers to look at the packaging deeply like this product will increase their desire to buy.