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Stand up pouch with spout for sauce packaging

Now people’s living standards are constantly improving, and their rhythm is constantly accelerating. This also makes people pursue what is convenient and efficient, and it is also necessary for the original simple packaging method to develop in a convenient direction. The stand up pouch with spout packaging bag is the most novel packaging form nowadays,such as sauce packaging,soup

Sauce Packaging

packaging,ect. Taking convenience as its starting point, it can stand without relying on any support, and its shape and specifications can be changed easily, which is convenient for carrying out and meeting the consumer’s ideas and needs. In terms of use, it is possible to achieve sanitary and quality food standards.

In the ever-increasing plastic packaging industry, the suction nozzle stand up pouches have a wide range of applications. In addition to the food industry, some daily chemicals industries also have extensive applications. The main feature of the package is its rotating lid, which can be resealed after it is opened or closed, guaranteeing its tightness and hygiene and without wasting. It is also convenient for drinking again in food. In terms of daily use, it is also possible to control the amount of use, and then tighten the lid of sauce pouch afterwards to maintain its useful life.

The use of nozzle-independent packaging bags in the future will be more and more widely, not just the food, daily chemical industry, the convenience of such packaging will also be better developed in more areas, designers in the design process, more performance and conceptual structures will be added to serve the consumers and satisfy the rapid development of the market.

The main material of the nozzle sauce pouch packaging bag is the composite of PET/NY/PE layer, non-toxic and environmental protection, and is a nationally recognized 3R+1D product. The packaging products thus processed can be recycled and used, and the processed fuel can be supplied with electricity. The use of power generation by state-owned companies, processing into plastic materials, or building plastic bricks for building materials is a very desirable approach. Welcome to customize the sauce packaging from Hot Pack.