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Is stand up pouch suitable for soup packaging?

Stand up zipper bags are based on consumer needs and market developments that have evolved from traditional bags. A new type of soup packaging bag must have its own advantages to adapt to the market. What are the advantages of stand up soup pouch?

Soup Packaging

The stand up zipper bag is directly folded from the bottom to the inside from the sapwood and is punched and heat-sealed to form an elliptical bottom tray. Therefore, whether it is open or not, it can stand on the flat surface like a cup, and the liquid and other contents like soup will not spill out.It brings the customer great convenience. Stand up plastic food packaging, improve packaging quality, reduce packaging costs, to solve the beverage industry to improve the packaging grade and packaging costs are too high between the contradiction. Stand up zipper bag manufacturers, independent zipper bags issued, self-supporting zipper bags prices.

Since the commercialization of custom packaging, the application has grown rapidly, making it a trend to replace plastic bottles, glass bottles, and ordinary flexible bags, and has been hailed as a revolution in the field of flexible packaging. Stand up zipper bag is easy to drink the juice, no longer need the container, the juice will not overflow, compared to ordinary bags, stand up bag to liberate the customer’s hands; packaging is not easy to break, the packaging is new, feel good, high packaging quality and he cost is lower than bottled. Stand up zipper bag manufacturers, Hot Pack team can help you more custom packaging like soup packaging bags.

Stand up zipper bags have become more and more widely used because of their excellent characteristics. Stand up zipper bags will go further and further along with the social development trend. Hot Pack Co., Ltd. has been operating in the packaging bag industry for decades, according to market laws and consumption.