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What conditions of skinny tea bags to preserve the nature of skinny tea?

What are the benefits of tea vacuum packaging machine packaging for skinny tea Bags? Do you understand? Tea is getting more and more attention, and the effectiveness of tea is still very useful for modern people. How to use tea vacuum bag storage to maintain the original taste and nutrition of tea is becoming more and more important. Tea vacuum packaging bags are widely used today.

Skinny Tea Bags

Tea is a special commodity that requires a special vacuum bag for packaging sales. Due to its own and objective conditions, tea vacuum bags are different from other general merchandise packages. The production of tea is usually dried or dried. It belongs to dry products and is susceptible to deterioration due to external factors. What conditions do tea vacuum bags need to have in order to preserve the nature of tea?

1. Moisture: tea vacuum packaging bags should use high barrier plastic raw materials, tea absorb moisture in the air after the mold is easy to deterioration, a barrier strong packaging bags can effectively prevent external environmental factors on tea damage. At the same time, the hydrolysis reaction occurs when the moisture content of the tea exceeds a certain standard, and the moisture-proof vacuum packaging bag can delay the hydrolysis reaction of the tea.

2. Dark: tea in the role of light will accelerate the condensation reaction and changes, especially light can damage the chlorophyll in tea, the quality of the tea infringement, only a good vacuum bag to protect the quality of tea.

3.Odor: tea on the odor of the air adsorption force is very strong, if the tea absorbs the air or the smell of the bag will make the tea with many odors, affecting the quality and taste of tea. Therefore, skinny tea bags should be strong and have no odor.

4. Barrier: The odor in the air not only damages the tea, but oxygen in the air will accelerate the oxidation reaction of various components of the tea. Tea vacuum packaging bags with good tightness and barrier can avoid the harm of oxygen in the air.

5, physical: tea whether as a commodity or as a storage requires quality, tea vacuum packaging bags to be able to handle, storage and transportation in these processes to ensure that the bag is not easy to break, loopholes, damage and other conditions.

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