Different kraft paper of paper bag with window

The natural tan color appearance of the kraft paper bag with window has a healthy, retro appeal, which is different from the unique appearance of the bleached kraft paper.

The primary colors of brown paper bag with window are mostly used in portable paper bags, packaging cartons, and tag elevators. In order to be aesthetically pleasing, more printed colors are used. Because the original color kraft paper is originally colored paper, and the color is generally relatively deep, if it is color or multi-color printing is not easy to form with the original paper color

paper bag with window

contrast, making the overall visual effect is not good.

Bull paper can also be printed, but for relatively low weight kraft paper, they are less efficient. Or you can choose to screen-print, because the thicker ink layer of the silk screen is better than other printing methods, so you can also print products with bright colors and lower print loss.

Different grades of kraft paper are distinguished in detail as follows:

1, low-grade kraft paper: generally recycled kraft paper.

Recycled kraft brown paper bag with window is a paper that has been smashed and recycled by manufacturers after recycling waste paper materials and processed through a variety of processes. From the appearance of the general recycled kraft paper has a relatively rough surface, combined with its low price advantage, the application of recycled paper is in a good trend.

2, high-grade kraft paper: generally all wood pulp kraft paper.

The texture is relatively tight, the thickness is relatively uniform, the toughness is good, and it has good pressure resistance, tensile resistance, tear resistance, puncture resistance, folding resistance and water resistance. The paper is smooth on both sides and has a more uniform ink absorption.

3, mid-range kraft paper: generally mixed kraft paper.

In addition to being unsuitable for food packaging, it is a good choice for hardware packaging, electronic products, color boxes, glass packaging, and slitting. Due to the increasing scarcity of raw material and the continuous increase in cost, there are already too many factories that produce kraft pulp, and they have already moved to the market for mixed or recycled paddle paper.

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