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How to design nuts packaging to meet the requirements?

Because nut foods are hard objects, the thickness of the bag and the strength of the material impact resistance will affect the use of the package; there are some nut food packaging bags are packed with inert gas, so the sealing properties are also very important Here’s how to analyze the sealing and impact resistance of the nuts packaging bags:

First, for the detection of heat sealing: The sealing strength of the heat-sealable part is verified by the heat-sealing strength test. If the heat-sealing strength is improper, air leakage, bag breakage, etc. will easily occur.

Nuts Packaging

Second, for the detection of tightness, the test can be carried out through a sealed energy (negative pressure method) test, and the parts where the finished product packaging is prone to leakage and pressure relief can be found.

Third, for the resistance to the impact of the content of the test, through the burst pressure (positive pressure method) test to verify, fill the package with gas, test whether the finished product packaging under the impact of internal gas bags, used to find nut products The location of the broken packaging and the compressive strength of the finished product packaging.

Four, according to the analysis of the internal gas composition of the package, the headspace residual oxygen and carbon dioxide performance tests are carried out to verify the ratio of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen gases in the finished product packaging, so as to determine the sealing performance of the finished product package and the proportion of the internal gas in the package. Meet the quality requirements of nut products.

Five,tests for drop-resistance performance are provided, and drop-resistance-related tests are provided to further verify whether the broken bag occurs when the finished product packaging falls within a certain height.