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The knowledge of retort pouch

1. Packaging requirements of retort pouch
Laminated packaging bags for meat, poultry, etc., require good barrier properties, resistance to bone piercing, sterilization under cooking conditions are not broken, no cracking, no shrinkage, nor odor.

Retort Pouch

2. Design structure of retort packaging
Transparent class:
Aluminum foil:

3.Different material of retort pouch
PET: high temperature resistance, good rigidity, good printability, and high strength.
PA: High temperature resistance, high strength, flexibility, good barrier property, and wear resistance.
AL: Best barrier property, high temperature resistance.
CPP: for high temperature cooking grade, good heat sealing, non-toxic and tasteless.
PVDC: barrier material.
GL-PET: Ceramic evaporation film, good barrier properties, through the microwave.
For the specific product choose the appropriate structure, transparent tape is mostly used for cooking, aluminum foil bags can be used for ultra-high temperature cooking.

4.What should pay attention to when retort pouch in the contents, sterilization process?

a.Choose the appropriate sealing temperature to make the seal firmly, to prevent leakage during the cooking process here, in the cooling process to prevent bacterial contamination in the cooling water.

b.If it is not vacuum-packed, pay attention to controlling the amount of residual gas in the package. The proportion can be moderate, and the residual amount is basically the same. Otherwise, even if there is backpressure in the cooking process, the bag with more residual gas will burst.

c. determine the stable high temperature sterilization process conditions, such as the standard cooking conditions for 121 °C temperature 40min, the production of various types of cooking bag materials reached 121 °C has been able to withstand the limit, if the temperature and time exceeded too much This process conditions, it is difficult to ensure that certain properties of the cooking bag are not damaged, such as discoloration of light-colored ink, severe attenuation of composite strength, and reduced heat-seal strength.