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How to choose a qualified food custom packaging bag?

1.Put the plastic custom packaging bag in the sun or light to see if there are black spots or not. Plastic custom printed packaging bags with impurities must be made of waste plastics as raw materials.

2. Check the smell of plastic custom packaging bags. Qualified plastic printed bags should be odor-free, and unqualified plastic bags with various additives due to the use of additives.

Custom Packaging

3.Qualified plastic custom printed packaging bags have a certain strength, will not be a tear to break; unqualified plastic printed bags due to the addition of impurities, usually very poor strength, a tear to break.

A seemingly very small part of the wholesale package, it exists in almost all the goods, maybe you have neglected such simple details, and perhaps such a tiny existence is still being ignored by you now, but please believe that in packaging field ,the number of costs and expenses on the bag may surprise you, how to control the cost of production, and maximize the interests of the company.Welcome to contact Hot Pack to get your best quality of custom packaging bag,we are the directly packaging bags manufacturer in China.

The cost of a typical bag is relatively small, and it is suitable for a relatively inexpensive product. Although the price of the packaging bag is relatively cheap, it still occupies a relatively large proportion in comparison with its product cost. In small sales, when the operators want to obtain revenue, they must pay attention to each and every minute of income. Therefore, if the expenditure on packaging is large, then its profit will be greatly reduced. The wholesale of packaging bags achieves cost savings in terms of packaging, allowing the cost to be controlled at a lower level and minimizing the cost. So a good packaging bag manufacturer can not only help you to save money ,but also can help to make the high quality custom packaging bag to save your time.