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What are the advantages and disadvantages of nylon packaging bag?

Nylon packaging bags are used in a wide range of applications in the food, fertilizer, and pharmaceutical industries. Due to the large demand of the food industry for packaging products, the application of nylon bags for packaging in the food industry is also the largest.

Nylon Packaging

Below we analyze the main advantages and disadvantages of nylon food packaging bags:

1. The cost of nylon vacuum packaging bags is relatively low; in contrast, the relative description here is in contrast to glass, paper, and aluminum foil packaging. In order to achieve the same barrier effect, nylon film has great advantages in cost. In addition, from the process point of view, the production cost can be reduced by 10% to 30% compared to the dry composite film and other composite films.

2.Nylon vacuum bag pouch type, material distribution design flexibility; packaging industry will often be based on the bag product and design different bag type and composite type, and nylon vacuum bag can solve this problem.

3. The high barrier property of nylon bags for packaging; using the barrier property of the barrier film material, using multi-layer composite technology to achieve high barrier effect to air and water.

4. The function of nylon food packaging is diverse. Nylon packaging has the properties of oil resistance, moisture resistance, high temperature resistance of 120 degrees Celsius, low temperature resistance, durability, freshness, and fragrance retention.

5.the flexibility of nylon vacuum packaging bags; packaging bags, whether in production or use, will be subject to different degrees of stretching. The nylon vacuum packaging bag, due to the addition of nylon material, has a flexible strength that far exceeds the general vacuum packaging bag.

6. The environmental performance of nylon packaging bags; because no residual contaminants such as adhesives are added during the production process, it has the advantages of economical and environmental protection.

Finally, tell everyone how to distinguish nylon bags. The nylon bag feels astringent and has high tensile strength. It is easy to tell.