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The causes of static electricity of detergent packaging

Liquid detergent packaging bags are more popular in recent years, a liquid-based packaging bag, this kind of packaging is a kind of plastic laminated flexible packaging, with high barrier properties and high temperature cooking resistance, easy to open, easy to break, but also conducive to repeated use , access is more convenient, is more common in daily life packaging products. There are many reasons why static electricity is generated in liquid soap packaging bags. Here’s a brief list of the causes of static electricity.

Soap & Detergent Packaging

1. According to the theory of atomic physics, the material is in electrical equilibrium when electrically neutral. The gains and losses of electrons due to the contact of atoms of different substances cause the material to lose its electric balance and generate electrostatic phenomena.

2. Frictional heat is generated between objects to stimulate electron transfer; contact and separation between objects produce electron transfer; electromagnetic induction results in an unbalanced distribution of surface charge on the object. The combined effects of friction and electromagnetic induction. Plastics are all polymer materials, and the surface resistor body volume resistance is greater than 10 of the 12th power.

The plastic material of the detergent packaging bag has good insulation properties. It is because of this reason that it is also very prone to static electricity, because plastics and their products are highly likely to be used in production handling, contact, separation and frictional collisions, and interventions in electromagnetic induction, and even impossible to avoid. This caused static electricity.

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