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Window packaging Bags, paper pouches are more and more popular

The kraft paper window packaging bags or paper-plastic composite bag is coated with a waterproof glossy film, which can replace the cardboard barrel packaging, and can also add an inner film bag. The form is equivalent to the open pocket at the bottom of the seam. It has the advantages of good strength, waterproof and moisture resistance. Multi-layer paper bag with window have better protection, cushioning and shock absorption performance, and the structure is seamless and can be shaded and dust-proof.

Window Packaging Bags

Kraft paper special shape window bag features:

1. Kraft paper window packaging bags are made of kraft paper composite materials or pure kraft paper packaging containers. They are non-toxic, odorless, non-pollution, high-strength, and high environmental protection. They are one of the most popular environmental protection packaging materials in the world.

2.Kraft paper bag classification Kraft paper bag with window is based on all wood pulp paper, the color is divided into white kraft paper and yellow kraft paper, the general bag is divided into yellow kraft paper bag and white kraft paper bag, with the development of technology now has the common use of regeneration Kraft paper made of environmentally friendly kraft paper bags, believe that with the development of kraft paper production technology, there will be more and more environmentally friendly kraft paper bags.

The appearance of kraft paper special shape window bags has changed the traditional thinking that people can only purchase the goods that are limited to the number of items that can be carried by their hands. It also enables consumers to reduce the happy experience of shopping because they are not afraid to take it. If the birth of kraft paper bags promotes the development of the retail industry as a whole, it may be somewhat exaggerated, but it at least reveals to merchants the fact that you cannot do so until the customer’s shopping experience becomes as comfortable, relaxing, and convenient as possible.