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What are the errors in using stand up pouch bags?

Since its inception, plastic stand up pouch bags have been favored by people for their light weight, low cost and high strength. People have become accustomed to using plastic stand up bags to hold things. There are many kinds of plastic stand up barrier pouches on the market, but there are countless kinds of colors. What kind of the stand up pouch bags are good? Do we really choose correct stand up bags? Although, we can almost use plastic bags every day, but for the choice of plastic bags, we tend to go into the wrong zone.

stand up pouch bags

Wrong A: The thicker the plastic bag, the better the firmness. We often see a variety of plastic bags in our lives. So what a sturdy bag would be? In fact, this is not the case. Plastic packaging bags have stringent standards. In particular, plastic bags used for food packaging must be selected by qualified manufacturers, and qualified products must be approved by relevant departments. The quality of these plastic bags will only be Guaranteed.

Plastic bags for food must be marked with the word “food”. Facing the light, you can see if the plastic is clean. Qualified plastic bags are very clean and free from impurities, and poor quality plastic bags can see dirt spots and impurities. The thickness of one side of the plastic bag must be more than 0.025mm, which cannot be achieved. The state prohibits production and use.

Wrong B:Colorful plastic packaging, choose a colorful packaging more beautiful. Although there are many kinds of colors in plastic bags, we must be cautious when choosing them. If the plastic package used to hold food items is only considered in terms of color, we must use simple colors, so that at least it has fewer additives. Many dark plastic bags are often produced from recycled waste materials. These bags do not directly contact the food.

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