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The reason why we should choose the correct material for food packaging bags

Packaging not only ensures the hygiene and safety of food, but more importantly, it attracts people’s attention and stimulates people’s desire to purchase. The exquisiteness of packaging also determines the sales of products. The design principle of modern food packaging  bags is: according to the protective requirements of the packaged food, scientifically select packaging materials with good protection function, carry out reasonable structural design and packaging and decoration design, use precision and reliable packaging machinery and equipment; adopt advanced packaging Technical methods to achieve the purpose of protecting food and extending shelf life.

The chemical composition and physical and chemical properties of different foods are different, so the protective requirements of different foods for  food packaging bags are also different. For example, cakes are more oily, soft, and have a certain optimum water content. Therefore, at least the following requirements should be met: oil-proof high oxygen barrier (to prevent oil leakage and grease oxidation), high moisture resistance ( Prevent the cake from losing moisture and dry and harden).

For example, the packaging of tea should be high oxygen barrier (to prevent the active ingredients from being oxidized), high moisture resistance (tea leaves moisture and mildew), high light resistance (the chlorophyll in tea leaves will change due to sunlight), high resistance aroma Sex (tea molecular aroma components are very easy to disperse, but lose the taste of tea. In addition, tea is also very easy to absorb external odor), and a considerable part of the current market tea is ordinary PE, PP and other transparent plastic bags, greatly wasting tea effective Ingredients, the quality of the tea is not guaranteed. Contrary to the above-mentioned foods, fruit, vegetables and the like have a respiration option after picking, that is, the package is required to have different transmittances for different gases. For example, after the roasted coffee beans are packaged, the carbon dioxide is slowly released. The cheese also produces carbon dioxide after packaging, so they should be packaged with high oxygen barrier and high carbon dioxide permeability. The packaging of fruits and vegetables is often required to be mildew-proof, because the small mist on the inner wall of the bag will cause a series of unfavorable biochemical use of fruits and vegetables, resulting in easy browning and perishable fruits and vegetables.