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The characteristics of side gusset Bag

Side gusset bag means two sides of the flat pouch folding into the inner surface of the bag. The oval bag is folded into a rectangular shape. After folding, the sides of the bag are like the leaves of the air outlet, but they are closed. Name this bag as gusset bag.Gusset Bag

The side gusset pouch changes the style of the model under the condition of ensuring the capacity, so the advantage of the organ plastic bag is that it reduces the space occupied. The benefits of the gusset bag are more than this one. The flat bag has been modified. The above said: The opening of the bag that was originally opened into an oval shape is changed into a rectangular shape, that is, full of saturation, which is close to the shape of a rectangular parallelepiped, then this is the organ of the gusset bag. The second advantage of the bag: the packaging looks nice. The third benefit is that it retains the original benefits of flat pockets: it can be printed, and its printing content is much richer than flat pockets. It can dye the body of the side gusset pouch into red, blue, black, green, yellow, etc. And so on, and then add a variety of beautiful patterns on it, such as: color pictures, star photos, company names, company logo, company address phone, main products, etc., can be printed.

Side gusset Bag are generally used for packaging high-end products such as coffee and nuts. For example,coffee bags with valve,the airbag bag is generally provided with a one-way valve and a tin strip. The function of the one-way valve is to discharge the oxygen inside the packaging bag without allowing outside air to enter the bag. It plays an antioxidant role inside. The function of the tin strip is generally that the convenience food is used repeatedly and resealed.