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How do design your pet food packaging bags?

Pet food packaging are not only used to preserve pet rations, but also an important task is to allow everyone to read on the packaging of a lot of information about the product – product name, ingredient list, net content, origin, manufacturing information , barcodes, etc.

Pet Food Packaging

I. Net content statement

The net content refers to the actual weight of the goods in the package. Knowing the net content of the goods can help the consumer to determine the actual price of the goods: the price quoted by the product itself does not reflect the quotation per unit weight, because the package makes people visually Some errors have occurred and careful accounting of the cost per kilogram or per pound of goods can be an excellent way to help consumers identify the practical value of the product.

II. The manufacturer name and address

“This product is produced by XX Manufacturers (Company)” is a statement of duties, clear information on product safety, quality and origin. If the label appears to be “made for XX” or “distributed by XX,” then the product was made by an outsourcer, but the label still indicates the responsible party. Not all labels will specify the manufacturer’s specific address, but according to legal rules, it must give at least the city directory or telephone directory. Many producers will also automatically sign up for free consultation telephones so that consumers can check the information. If consumers have questions about the product and may need to complain, then he can contact the responsible party of the product according to the guidelines of the information.

III. Feed Raiders

Feeding Raiders refers to the amount of guided feeding to animals, usually expressed as “the amount of feed per kg of body weight / XX g is usually expressed. In some small cans, this sentence may be fed by a strategy. All content, and the packaged food area is larger, may give more specific instructions. Feeding Raiders is a consumer’s advice, not absolute norms, it says the amount of feeding is only satisfied with the pet’s most basic nutrients every day. demand.

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