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Why the tear notch is difficult to open on the packaging bags–It’s important to choose a good stand up pouch manufacturer

Hot Pack Co., Ltd. is a stand up pouch manufacturer who has been engaged in packaging and printing business for more than a decade, and has extensive experience in packaging and printing. Hot Pack believes that the reasons for this problem are as follows:

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1. The main reason is that the choice of laminated film in the printed stand up pouches does not meet the requirements. If the laminated film in the composite vacuum bag is made of a stretch film with strong stretchability, when it is torn, it will cause the shrink film in the inner layer of the composite vacuum bag to be hard to tear, and the easy-to-remove bag is difficult to appear. Ripped situation. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to selecting the surface layer material and intermediate layer material of the easy tear bag, as well as the use experience of the easy tear bag.

2. The other reason is that the composite film does not meet the requirements in the compounding process, resulting in a low composite strength of the composite film. The composite film or the liner film with poor resistance to permeation is difficult to tear due to the penetration and delamination of the contents. open. In our lives, hotels, bathing establishments and even shopping malls to buy shampoo, bath packaging bags, tearing up the majority of the situation, so do packaging printing not only to consider the choice of inner film, but also consider composite bags Quality inspection.

3. The last reason is that the hands are wet when torn off, or the printed stand up pouches surface has oil, etc. It will be slippery when it is torn off. This situation is a problem of using the method. Just wipe off the water or oil. Can solve.