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Why tea packaging bags are designed in this way, what are the design advantages

Advantages I. Maintenance
This tea packaging design allows the tea leaves to be in a vacuum, which separates the tea leaves from the air and stains, thus providing a protective effect on the tea leaves and extending the shelf life.

Tea Packaging

Advantages II. Reduce costs
It should be noted that the use of such tea bag packaging can reduce the cost of production compared to box-type packaging, regardless of the cost of the production package or the cost of transportation is relatively low.

Advantages III. Conducive to tea sales
The exquisite packaging bag design will not only improve the shelf life of tea, but also stimulate marketing. Because the exquisite and beautiful packaging design can stimulate the desire of customers to buy, increase the amount and amount of tea sales.

Advantages IV. Easy to prevent
There are many tea marketers who leave their own anti-counterfeiting labels on their bags. This will facilitate anti-counterfeiting and help protect themselves and their customers.
The use and advantages of exquisite tea packaging bags are varied. Therefore, more and more tea marketers will choose unique packaging bags, and hope that the above several articles can help people understand some of the small knowledge of empty tea bags.

The practical value of tea packaging lies in its prevention of moisture, odor, high temperature, direct sunlight, and long-lasting dewdrops. It provides tea with the right temperature and humidity to maintain the quality of tea. At the same time, the packaged tea is also easy for people to buy. , carry and store. However, with the development of commodity economy, packaging design must not only have practical functions, but also reflect cultural characteristics and meet the requirements of the times. The so-called “first-class products, can not be separated from the first-class packaging” is this principle.