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How to select the laminating film for your products?

The method of selecting the laminating film material is as follows:
1 .Surface material. For non-heat-sealable materials, consider the use of materials with good heat resistance and low thermal deformation, such as BOPA, BOPET, BOPP, and paper.

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2. Inner material. That is, the heat-sealing material is suitable for heat-sealing at a temperature lower than the heat deformation temperature of the surface layer by 30 T. If the temperature difference between the heat-deformation of the surface layer material and the heat-seal layer material is too small, the temperature control of the bag making will be difficult because the temperature is relatively low. Low, poor sealing fastness, can not meet the requirements, in order to improve the sealing fastness, the temperature will increase, due to the thermal deformation of the inner and outer material temperature is too small, easy to burn the surface material. For the same heat seal material, the heat seal strength increases as the heat seal material thickness increases. Therefore, the laminating film roll material of the inner layer of the back-sealing bag and self-supporting bag should be 30 (mm thickness or more. If the inner layer material is too thin, the sealing performance of the finished bag product will be affected.

Because composite packaging materials involve many types of raw materials, different properties, which materials can be combined, or can not be combined, and what is used for bonding, the problems are numerous and complex, so they must be carefully selected in order to obtain the desired results.

The principles of choice are:

(1) to specify the objects and requirements for packaging;

(2) to select suitable packaging materials and processing methods; and

(3) to use appropriate adhesives or laminating film materials.

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